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GWI Social


GlobalWebIndex’s quarterly report on the latest trends in social networking.

Drawing on data from our most recent wave of research among over 50,000 internet users aged 16-64, we offer insights on engagement with social media, daily time devoted to social networking, multi-networking and cross-device behaviors, the most popular networks, apps and services globally and the top actions on leading platforms.

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Engagement with Social Networking

The potential reach of social networking remains vast – some 98% of online adults globally say they have visited or used a social network within the last month, with daily time spent on this activity continuing to rise (now standing at just under 2 hours).


Continues to flourish, with digital consumers having an average of over 8 accounts. This number has more than doubled since 2012 and 16-24s are leading the way.

Top Networks and Messaging Services

Facebook remains by far the top service globally for membership (84%) but YouTube maintains a lead for visitors/users (87%). Snapchat’s popularity among teens remains considerable.

Top Social Behaviors

Over 60% of Facebookers are now watching videos, as are over 40% of Instagrammers and a third on Twitter. Over 40% of 16-24s say that social networks are their favored destination for researching products/brands.

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